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Hack The Box Friendzone

Testing Methadologies

We can start the enumeration with a nmap scan 
 The output shows that we have quiet some ports open 21(FTP),22(SSH),53(DNS),80(HTTP),139(NetBios),445(SMB)

FTP doesn't have  anonymous login enables and the version is latest so its not vulnerable to any exploits
By using smbmap we can list shares and check if we have any read or write access in any of them 

After running smbmap we can see that we have read access on general and read write access on Development

Now We can List all the shares and check if there are any information available

 Well it seems like there is a file called creds.txt which is obvious to be a file with credentials

 Seems like it is some credential for an admin panel but there where no admin panel in port 80 nor port 443,

 This is what when visiting port 80 looks like
But when visiting port 443 its a different story
 We can check for alternate names in the ssl certificate

We have a domain name we can now add it in the hosts file (/etc/hosts)
Now visiti…